#ShortStory: Pont des Arts

Crescent moon in the sky shone brightly with the coming night and the last warm colors of the sunset melted in the blue sky like a wet snow. Lanterns of Pont des Arts, as every evening in Paris, illuminated the mirror calm of the Seine, which keeps the memories of the thousands of couples, who come to lock their love, forever.

The railings were like the Venetian mosaic of love – small elements and every one of them is more individual and more different from the other in color and form. The most powerful magic in the world protects them with the purity and innocence of the human hearts. Everyone who passes over the bridge – young or old, who is in love or not, that person is not losing hope and inspiration to live, because the symbol of life was there. The padlocks are heavy to the iron railing and any moment could be collapsed into the Seine, where the lovers throw the switch by old custom. This little iron element knows the sacred mystery of two souls – their fears, moments of shared happiness, tears, troubles, successes and quiet joys. It is like a mediator between the human life and the eternity of the Universe.

The first is a shared moment and the second is the Seine, which movement never stops. The key flies for seconds like Hermes, the herald of the Olympian gods, and disappears in the waters of the eternal cosmic harmony of love, peace, and forgiveness.

The night has already embraced the sky in the warm hug of the stars and silence. The shape of the moon reminds for the smiling Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci in the Louvre, which is not very far from the bridge. Her loving kindness enriches the atmosphere of the Bridge of love, but maybe just enjoys to the couples who come to immortalize their love and to send the only possibility for its destruction in the waters of the Seine.


Venera Dimitrova#ShortStory: Pont des Arts