PROJECT #RILA 2014-2017


#RILA is an annual expedition of students with the slogan “Feel the Rila Monastery” which includes several disciplines – Medieval Bulgarian Literature, Medieval Bulgarian Language, Anthropology, Architecture, Photography etc. The main purposes of this research is develop and expand knowledge, to analyze the students, who visit the monastery for the first time and to make an innovative international presentation for the cultural monument through thematic assignments with creative thinking, which will be uploaded here and translated in a number of languages. Sponsor of this project is the National Assembly of the Students’ Councils of Bulgaria.

#RILA is nominated for an annual prize at the BAIT Awards 2014 by the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies. In 2015, it represents Bulgaria at European contests for projects connected to cultural heritage and student works. The expedition is on the list with initiatives that the organizers won 2nd Place on the National Award of Enlightenment 2016, under the patronage of the Minister of Education and Science of Bulgaria.

български | français | русский

#RILA14 | български | english | español | हिन्दी | русский

Photography | Madlen Dimitrova | Vladimira Vladimirova


#RILA15 | български | english

Photography | Sofia Velcheva | Hristiyana Gulubova

Architectural Value | български | english | français

Presentations & Videos | български

#RILA16 | български | english

Photography | Dimitar Russev | Maria Grudeva | Nevena Boceva | Plamena Kalacheva | Savina Manuilova | Venera Dimitrova

Architectural Value | български | english | français

#RILA17 | български | english (In Process)

Poetry | български | english



Nas NeychevPROJECT #RILA 2014-2017